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LCRDM Questionnaire

Dear colleague,

On behalf of the National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM) we kindly invite you to participate in a survey on data management support positions in research institutes. The survey aims at both data experts – who provide dedicated support or as part of their job – and supervisors of data experts. Completing the survey takes approximately 15 minutes.

In the development of Open Science, Research Data Management (RDM) has an essential role. More and more RDM support is carried out by employees with a specific data profile. Professionalization of data support positions in research institutes is of great importance to meet the European requirements of FAIR data management. To further shape the professionalization of data management roles and functions, the LCRDM initiates a nationwide survey to provide insight on what the Dutch research institutes ask for, implement and develop in the field of research data support positions.

Please go to the LCRDM-page to fill in the survey: click here.

The deadline for response is the 17st December 2018.

To get a high response, we would be very grateful if you could forward this email to your data expert colleagues or share via social media. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

On behalf of the LCRDM task group on Data Stewardship,




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